marginalia 0.2 - image experiences

Paik for Kids from André Mintz on Vimeo.

In the video Paik for Kids – made by André Mintz out of family archive – the electronic image theme is developed from the point of view of the spectator, in the figure of a child being presented by her dad to a TV set that displays the image of the child herself captured by the camera in real-time.

It’s not a direct antecessor of Marginalia Project, but a conceptual antecessor, that shows already the problematic with which the project relates to. The relation between body and image - between one’s self and its representation - in a gaze that seeks by the naivety the revelation of intrinsic characteristics of the materiality of the image. In a moment in which the video image – with its specific characteristics, such as its accessibility to a larger amateur public and its simultaneity – was also in its childhood, with the first explorations of its potentials.

By placing the camera framing the image itself produces, the system feeds back itself, multiplying the image it captures ad infinitum, like two mirrors facing each other. It’s a basic procedure of video – that was impossible in traditional cinema -, used in many works in this field, and that will also be used in marginalia. However, such procedure is quite different from the mirrors, since the body of the spectator is detached from the image formation, allowing her only to perceive it – as her movement does not make it possible to see anything beyond what the camera sees. The playing of getting into and out of the frame reveals the fragmentation produced by the camera, just as the similarities and distinctions between the body of the spectator and represented body – between the subjective point of view and the view of the self made objective.

Marginalia Project seeks an experience close to this childish one: an exploratory will without a predetermined objective beyond the knowledge offered by the process; in process. The idea as a product of experience; of the direct contact with the materiality from which it elaborates its own form and detonates new processes.

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