marginalia goes to são paulo

as a follow up to the already announced first prize achieved by marginalia project at the Technological Connections Festival, held by the Sergio Motta foundation, from São Paulo, marginalia project went to São Paulo for some days for the festival's awarding ceremony, at the Latin America Memorial, by the 14th of august.

There, we had the opportunity of putting up the winner prototype for its presentation to the public. With a better structure than previous tests, the presentation came out pretty well, with an interesting observation of the positive response from the public.

The festival's organization also made available, at the ceremony, a preview of the festival's e-book, containing information about the projects and texts written by the festival's comission and jury. We highlight a text written by José Cabral Filho, professor of the Architecture School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, who wrote specifically about marginalia, and whose text we wish to soon make available at this blog.

us at the exhibition of the awarded prototype marginalia 1.0 BETA

public exploring the installation.

we and the other people awarded at the festival.

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