marginalia 0.3 - to kill a man and say bu-ba-baff

To kill a man and say BU-BA-BAFF from Marginalia Project on Vimeo.

Developed by the group, the project “to kill a man and say bu-ba-baff” intended to develop means of transposing the aesthetics of light painting to the medium of video, as previously cited.

We sought an alternative procedure of illuminating scenes that would allow: greater organicity of the luminous effect; the possibility of varying exposure of specific portions of an image; rhythm effects based on the greater of lesser speed of the movement of the torch; among other potentials.

Images of scenes illuminated by torch light were recorded on video and later treated on Adobe After Effects with the filters Luma Key and Echo.

In spite it was possible to achieve the first intentions of the project – that is to say: transpose the aesthetics of light painting to video associating movement to the static images – it was not possible to combine such images with performing actors or the movement of illuminated objects; an unresolved issue that we intend to analyze and develop soon.

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