marginalia 0.3 - origins and later productions

orage dans une tasse de thé from Pedro Veneroso on Vimeo.

orage dans une tasse de thé was firstly conceived due to the desire of animating the homonymous photograph [which can be seen on the post marginalia 0.1 – photography experiments] creating a short film that explores the aesthetics of long and multiple exposure dealing with the possibilities of associating photographs and drawings in a digital environment.

On 2006 begun a research of photography techniques guided by the utilization of alternative techniques of illumination that allowed controlling exposure on specific portions of the image [scene], as well as the utilization of the light source as an element of the composition. Space and time and their manifestation on photography became important factors put into evidence by this technique as the resulting photograph is intrinsically dependent of this concepts.

Later developments of these techniques include: the employment of similar techniques on different mediums [such as video]; exploring the aesthetics of long and multiple exposure on diverse medias; and, recently, the marginalia project, that summarizes the whole production of the authors on the subject so far, specifically referring to the techniques of long and multiple exposure, combining video, photography, conceptual development and programming to produce an interactive installation in constant development.

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